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Natural & Organic Oil Products
Whether you are looking for high-stability frying oils to replace partially-hydrogenated oils in order to eliminate trans-fats; are seeking zero trans-fat shortening for general bakery applications; or require an expeller-pressed, natural, non-GMO or certified organic oil as ingredients in food processing applications, Nexcel Natural Ingredients has an oil solution for you!

Nexcel offers non-GMO and/or Organic Soybean Oil, High-Oleic Sunflower Oil, Canola Oil and Safflower Oil for all your oil needs!


Natural & Organic Soy Proteins
Nexsoy® soy proteins from Nexcel Natural Ingredients are manufactured in a unique all-natural process which eliminates the use of hexane solvents typically used in the production of soy ingredients. The result is great-tasting, all-natural ingredients your customers will love!

Whether for nutritional beverages or bars, high soy protein applications, low-carb applications, high-fiber applications, meat or meat analog applications, Nexsoy® offers a protein designed for you!


SOLO® Lower Sodium Sea Salt
SOLO® is an all natural sodium-reduced, magnesium-enriched sea salt containing sodium, potassium and magnesium in “near perfect proportions” according to health professionals. It contains 60% less sodium than ordinary salt yet can be used to replace it on a 1:1 basis in virtually any product formulation without sacrificing taste or functionality. SOLO® dissolves much faster than ordinary salt which delivers special benefits to the food processing, bakery, meat processing, and snack food industries.

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